We offer tailor-made logistics solutions for warehouse management, transport and distribution. We design, implement and manage in an agile and efficient manner all the operations involved in the supply of our clients’ goods.

To achieve the best operational and information results throughout the supply chain, as well as to lower service costs, we continuously invest in state-of-the-art technology. We guarantee the optimal automation of all operational processes and the customisation of the service for each of our clients.

At Logistock we also provide special services for high pallet volume and rotation campaigns, as well as for the storage of low volume goods.
rotation or obsolete stocks. We also have the means for the storage of large-volume, fragile or special goods, as well as warehousing in


Professional loading and unloading services for sea containers, full truck loads and palletised or bulk groupage. We handle the goods correctly and safely throughout the entire operation and inform your ERP of receipts via automated systems or integration.


Temporary storage services or warehousing of palletised goods for all types of pallets and heights. Special warehouse for high volume and high turnover campaigns as well as for the storage of low turnover and obsolete products. We also have medium load structures for the storage of products or packages for picking services.

Order preparation

We achieve the highest efficiency in the preparation of orders for our customers’ products, by means of professionals, means and optimal technology. We comprehensively manage the entire operational process; storage, picking of units or boxes, packaging, labelling, documentation and dispatch. With a dedicated department, we also manage your returns.

Transportation / Cross docking

We offer specialised transport services for any type of palletised goods, break-bulk or full loads, as well as dedicated services of
distribution for the furniture sector, pallets and parcels up to 40 kg at national and international level.



  • Loading and unloading: of sea containers, lorries and vans, carrying out the necessary control to ensure proper handling, palletisation and location of the goods.
  • Palletised warehousing for all heights and floor storage for goods in transit
  • Storage and custody for low-turnover palletised goods, archives, self-storage and furniture storage.
  • Cross Docking: based on unloading, order picking of single reference pallets at short notice, for goods in transit, by means of outbound inventory without putaway.


  • Picking & Packing: picking, collection, preparation and packing of orders, with the highest efficiency and service quality, using a radio frequency system.
  • Customised delivery notes and labelling with your brand/company: to maintain the corporate identity of each brand or company, integrating us as a final part of your distribution chain.
  • Special handling: we offer customised services for the handling of returned goods or special campaigns that require individual specialisation.


  • Control and management of stocks and inventories:We take responsibility for the correct packaging and location of the goods, we design the layout of your warehouse according to rotation, managing and continuously controlling your inventory.
  • Control System: both the products and the corresponding locations in the plant operate under the optimum barcode technology for an agile and real-time traceability. Through our WMS, our customers have online access to the control of their stock.
  • Specialised multi-product reverse logistics. We manage the reception of your returns, we carry out the opening and special handling necessary for inventory control, as well as the relocation of the product in stock or shipment to the supplier.

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